Listen2016-05-06 23:45:35 Final Expedition Summary (3:35)
Listen2016-04-24 00:05:11BBQ party by NXDXG. Leaving Fremantle.
Listen2016-04-22 10:01:56Team in hotel, resting, cleaning.
Listen2016-04-22 04:28:37Expedition cargo unloaded. Specimens cleared.
Listen2016-04-21 22:54:53At dock in Fremantle. Beginning customs, unloading.
Listen2016-04-19 10:59:33Calm seas, easy ride. ETA Fremantle Apr. 22 AM.
Listen2016-04-17 05:31:081000 nm from Fremantle. Live satphone call to Intl DX conf.
Listen2016-04-16 03:49:11Continuing underway. Rough seas last night.
Listen2016-04-15 08:13:39About halfway toward Fremantle. Sea state reasonable.
Listen2016-04-14 04:44:29Cruising toward Fremantle. Team resting.
Listen2016-04-12 05:24:59All crew and cargo evacuated. Braveheart has left HI.
Listen2016-04-11 09:29:56Campsite completely clean and we are leaving.
Listen2016-04-11 08:36:32Campsite packing nearly completed. Hail storm.
Listen2016-04-11 06:59:28Striking camp; one tent down. Expect exit this afternoon.
Listen2016-04-10 16:24:12Shutting down, packing. No tent heaters. 75,000 QSOs.
Listen2016-04-10 11:49:51Dismantling, packing. Anticipate striking camp tomorrow.
Listen2016-04-10 06:04:51Flooding. Braveheart in 15-ft. swells. Team photos with flags.
Listen2016-04-09 09:45:20WX report. Rain, wind, flooding. Begin packing.
Listen2016-04-07 05:54:34Details about visit to Stephenson Lagoon and Spit Bay
Listen2016-04-06 11:45:32Return of field team to VK0EK campsite.
Listen2016-04-06 10:41:00Arrival back at Atlas Cove.
Listen2016-04-06 02:49:18At anchor off SE coast HI. Prep. to return to Atlas Cove.
Listen2016-04-05 14:41:38At anchor off SE coast, S of Spit Bay
Listen2016-04-05 09:57:36Report from inspection of lagoon and Spit Bay coastline
Listen2016-04-05 04:41:28Gearing up to inspect Stephenson Lagoon and Spit Bay
Listen2016-04-05 03:22:58At anchor vicinity Spit Bay. Plan to inspect lagoon, coast.
Listen2016-04-04 08:38:50Braveheart at anchor S end HI in high winds/seas
Listen2016-04-04 05:13:42Braveheart moved to S end HI due to high winds/seas
Listen2016-04-03 08:14:37Review of previous message. No propagation.
Listen2016-04-03 08:12:41WX and DX report. Poor propagation. 61,000 QSOs.
Listen2016-04-02 17:07:10DX and WX reports. 60,000 QSOs.
Listen2016-04-01 16:20:07WX report. 45,000 QSOs.
Listen2016-03-31 18:42:06Antennas flooded in rainstorm
Listen2016-03-31 10:42:55Field team on Laurens Peninsula
Listen2016-03-30 03:10:20Winds have abated.
Listen2016-03-29 12:26:27Fill-in of summary from yesterday
Listen2016-03-29 12:22:12High winds, low temperature limiting operations.
Listen2016-03-27 12:34:12VK0EK fully operational, including internet. 16,000 QSOs.
Listen2016-03-26 05:35:19Catch-up AudioLog for past 3 days
Listen2016-03-23 15:15:29Conditions and status. 30m station established.
Listen2016-03-23 13:10:06Repeat of yesterday's recording. Conditions.
Listen2016-03-23 12:52:22VK0EK campsite complete
Listen2016-03-23 09:31:47VK0EK campsite established
Listen2016-03-23 03:47:45Locating campsite. [Audio dropped off.]
Listen2016-03-23 03:45:44[No audio]
Listen2016-03-23 01:01:33Re-recording of 1st landing on HI Atlas Cove
Listen2016-03-22 13:12:031st landing on HI Atlas Cove
Listen2016-03-21 14:57:32Underway. Location 52S 68E. 200 nm from HI
Listen2016-03-19 17:14:39Underway. Location 50S 56E. 700 nm from HI
Listen2016-03-18 10:58:35Underway. Deployed 3rd ARGO buoy
Listen2016-03-17 14:54:45Underway. Halfway to Heard Island
Listen2016-03-15 18:55:50Underway Location: 47S 32E
Listen2016-03-14 13:22:09Underway Location: 44S 26E
Listen2016-03-10 15:08:45Departure from Cape Town
Listen2016-03-10 06:38:03Final preparations in Cape Town
Listen2016-03-08 14:59:56Formalities in Cape Town
Listen2016-03-06 13:29:05Update from Cape Town
Listen2016-03-05 08:56:43Prepping gear in Cape Town
Listen2016-02-24 01:40:12Heard Island expedition log. Date: 223.1735
Listen2016-02-22 21:38:55Heard Island expedition log. Date: 222.0135